Vancouver Art Gallery – Susan Point

Students had a great time at the Susan Point exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG).   Susan Point is a well known Coast Salish Musqueam artist. The VAG docents were very impressed with the background knowledge, and enthusiasm of the students.  Many students were moved to learn that Susan Point has spent 5 years in residential school.  To see some of the prints students did in the workshop please look in the display case at Fraser.  Below are some student reflections.

Ms. Macqueen

We went to the Vancouver Art Gallery on the 26th of April.  We saw some pictures of really cool Thunderbirds.  She printed some and carved some too.  She (went) to residential school for 5 years so she made (a sculpture) to show the pain she went through. It had butterflies on it in the shape of a cross, and showed the butterflies’ wings being ripped off of them.  The butterflies represent her happiness getting ripped out of her!


At the Vancouver Art Gallery we saw Susan Point’s Spindle Whorl Exhibit.  One of my favourite things was the “Butterfly Grid”.  It was shaped like a cross.  The Butterfly Grid represented how she felt happy before she went to residential school, and then felt sad when she went to residential school, and the happiness broke.  She did it in a cross because her residential school was Catholic, and there were crosses everywhere.

Another one of my favourite things was the workshop.  We did styrofoam printing.  First we drew a shape on a piece of paper, and then we painted the styrofoam any colour we liked, and then we pressed it down on a piece of paper, and saw what it looked like.  We did it again and again until we had to leave.  It was super amazing.


I went to the Art Gallery and we looked at Susan Point’s art.  Susan Point went to a residential school so she made a sculpture to calm her down.  And there is a thing called a spindle whorl, and is it used to make yarn.  So she made the biggest spindle whorl, and put it in the airport.  Susan Point made a manhole cover with her art too.  Her favourite animals are Thunderbirds and frogs.


Vancouver Art Gallery

It was pouring rain the day we went to the art gallery.  The exhibit was called “Ambivalent Pleasures.” The first exhibit we went to was a place that had music on, and a very weird looking statue.  Behind the statue was fabric from some of the border around the picture.  We also saw some weird clowns.  There was one called “Fog”.  Later on we went and saw these two mirrors.  The artist got the art idea from a book he read.  In the book someone trapped a ghost in two mirrors.  At the end we went to a workshop and made some crazy art.

by Louise and Ira

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

On Wednesday, March 1st my class went to the VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra).  We were travelling around the world and listening to different music.  The places we went were Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, England, Brazil, China, South Africa, Canada, and Jupiter.  The composers from the different countries were: Beethoven from Germany, Dvorzak from Czech Republic, an opera singer from Italy, Mussorgsky from Russia, Holst from England, and there were five more, but I forgot their names.  When you walk into the theatre and look up at the ceiling you see an orchestra and naked cherubs!

by Elizabeth

Square Roots

Square roots are multiplication but you can only use the same number, like the square root of 25 = 5 because 5×5=25.  It is just backwards multiplication. The square root of 100 = 10 because 10×10=100.  The square root of 10,000 is 100. We learned this math concept on Hundreds Day. We found out that you count the sides (of a square) and that’s how you know the answer to square roots.

by Elliott and Will

Bread Making with UBC Land and Food Systems Students

Our class baked bread with five UBC students.  One of the UBC students had purple hair. First we washed our hands for safety so we don’t contaminate the food. The UBC students explained instructions. First we need warm water. Then we need yeast. Next we need sugar so the yeast wakes up. Then we added flour, olive oil, and salt. The next day Vivian baked the bread and buns. We wanted butter on it.  We ate it at lunch.  It was yummy! It was the most delicious day ever!

by Victoria and Grace

Child Haven Penpals

Child Haven has 250 kids. Kids who don’t have parents or are poor go to Child Haven. The people who started Child Haven were the Cappuccinos from Canada. We started writing to our penpals in India because they did the same puppet show as us with Laura. Life is very different at Child Haven. For Christmas they get only one thing. The girls got earrings and the boys got a spinning top.  When the girls are old enough to ride a bike they get their own bike. You stay at Child Haven from ages 3-23. All their clothes are donated. Each year they have an event like Sports Day and they go to different schools to compete. Everyone gets a prize!

by Louise and Daniella


Grouse Mountain Field Trip

On Wednesday, February 18th our class went to Grouse Mountain.  Up there the rain was extremely brutal.  To get up we had to go on the Skyride.  The tram was crowded, but the view was amazing.  On the way up I was super nervous.  When we got to the top I felt like I was going to fall in the snow, puke, and faint.  After recovering, we met our guide Florence.  We went to get our snowshoes.  In the woods we walked on the path, came to a hill, and slid down.  It was great! After snowshoeing we walked in the deep snow back to the lodge.  After lunch we walked through the blizzard of frozen rain drops to the alpine cabin.  Inside we learned about endangered bears of North America, and others.  Next, we transferred to a room with a bunch of stations.  We had to match skulls, find facts, and choose which food went with each bear. After that we walked to the Hiwus Feast House.  A Squamish elder greeted us with a drum song.  He told us the ways of his people and showed us how to do the Wolf dance.  My class danced around the circle howling.  Division 7 did the Raven dance.  My friend’s mom was very loud while cawing.  Then we walked back to the Skyride.  I was not sick on the way down.  The bus ride home was long.

by Olivia